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  Welcome to my amazon Affiliates page with my recomended products that i have bought and keep buying for my prepping journey. More products will be aded with time.

Clicking on the product will take you to Amazon directly and i will earn a small comission if you purchase this product or any other product throught that link within 24hrs. It will not cost You anything extra but it will help me a little bit with the running costs of this website.

You can simply use this link for any other purchases you make from Amazon

By some of your requests, who wants to support my channel here is my Amazon list :


Thank you in Advance


I  I am now a brand ambasador for Hysapiential Air fryer

ovens. I have had few and done reviews on them and can't

recommend them enough! Im always honest with you guys

and will never assosicate or recommend something i dont

believe in !


A Little bit about the brand:

HYSapientia this brand name is consisted of “HY”and“Sapientia”, “HY” is pronounced as “Hi”, and “Sapientia” means“ Wisdom” in Latin, it is also called “HYSa” for short.

Say “Hi” to “Wisdom” — HYSapientia was born in the highly intelligent society, we noticed the traditional way of cooking leads to the time and energy waste, as well as unhealthy eating habits. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating smart, safe and efficient kitchen appliances in order to achieve the goal of easy cooking and healthy eating.HYSapientia embodies our conviction that there is value in bringing comfort and convenience to every person who uses our smart products. We also believe that the wisdom of our group will provide a brilliant experience and illuminate your life.

The advantage of HYSapientia, supported by an excellent supply chain and a strong design and manufacturing team, is to bring high-quality products and excellent service to end-customers.

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