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My aim is to design the "Prepper" community, based somewhat on old fashioned values. I dont want to share, where the nearest underground bunker or a tunnel is, because the chances of us having acess to it, or making it there are pretty remote and yes that nornally will apply to 99% of us, even though some may think they're something special, guess what, unless your part of the Elite, you are not!

The aim here is for me is to share resources, that are available to us and can actually make a difference to our daily lives. I want to know the areas I can forage for things, or sites that offer something that gives valuable, free information. We can, as a community, help each other in may ways, be it a simple share of a website.

Please use the contact us form below, if you know of a website that can trully help the community

By Far, at the monemt, my favourite website of choice is for free foraging with maps and resources all over the World.  It's such a great thing to know and I have used it many times before moving to Wales. It may not look like there's  alot but, zoom in on the map and you will see the areas of foraging which tells you, exactly what and where it is. All free and thanks to people like us for nominating the Foraging places .

Citrus Fruits
Inside Greenhouse
Inside Greenhouse

Gleaning you may ask? What is that? Well Gleaning is an activity, where volunteers connect with local farmers and harvest the produce that will otherwise be wasted. Be it over produced, wrong size or wrong shape, as we know a common no no in supermarkets. After harvesting the field or crop it gets deliverd to the places where its needed the most, ie, food banks or community kithens, Of course you are able to fill your boots with the produce, for your hard work. And yes I have done this myself before a few years a go, its hard work YES, but worth it 100% helping local community and having  something to take back home is a WIn Win!

Fight Food waste and Save money !!

The best thing is to download their app.

This is a Free food sharing app, yes Free. I have been voluntering with olio for about 2 years and I would say that we're deffinitely fighting food waste and benefiting the local community.

  In a nut shell, volunteers like me collect surplus food late at night from Tesco's and other businesses, which would have be thown out.

We list the items on olio and give them away to people within the local community via the Olioapp.

Their is tonnes of food rescued by olio and given away. The community is growing fast and it's pretty much now Global. You can also gift and receive Non food items, so deffinitely worth a look

Domestic Waste Bin
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