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How Much Food Do YOU REALLY NEED to survive 1 month, without going to the shop.

I've been wanting to do this post for a while and I finally get a chance to share this with you. One of the main questions people have, especially if they are new to prepping is "How much Food do I actually need to stock?" Well, its a good question but it grately depends on your famili size and the type of foods you eat. Also it depends on wether you grow your own food as a substitute to your preppers pantry.

So for the ease of the article and actual size of our family we are basing this on 2 adults with 1 child ( in our case currently 3 year old but eats very little, so kind of 2 people less a small share)

So we will start with 1 month and then go from there.

We will require 60 breakfast portions, 60 luch portions ( if chosen too ) and 60 dinners. Dont forget that in a SHTF situation you will ration the food and may choose not to consume 3 meals a day, natually I think it will be a logical response and you will not crave food as much, knowing the situation.

Please remember that the selection based on food that we are able to keep long term and may not be the ideal choice on a menu but we are talking about surviving on our stocked food alone, so very basic, dont worry if you cant keep up, the full list is at the end of the article

My selection of food is based on:

- Breakfast - Porridge oats

- Lunch - Beans on Toast or Tinned soups

- Dinner for a week is based on : 2 x vegetarian pasta meals , 2 x rice meals, 2 x cous cous meals and 1 mash/ tinned potato meal


- 2kg Oats ( you can use water or you can buy long life milk, you will require approx 4 lts)


Split between mixed soups and beans on toast

- 30 tins - Tinned Soups ( you can also buy a powdered soups they are not as filling)

- 15 tins Baked beans

- 2kg of flour for bread (for baked beans on toast and 4 sachets of yeats)


Pasta serving portions are 100g per person so 200g per day.

- 1.6kg pasta

- 4 tins of tomatoes

- 4 passatas (one of tinned tomatoe and one passata for a meal)

- 4 mixed jars of sauces (of your choice) for more variety

You can add on any available dehydrated veg if you have available or choose to do so

Rice Meals portions being 50g ea

- 1kg for a month

it will be served with any tinned selection of meat (ie chili or beef stew etc)

8 meals per month will require 16 tins of meat/stew plus give or take tin of veg if required

Cous Cous

I found the best thing to eat with it from the pantry is tuna with the tin of veg on the side

so for 1 month we shall require

- 1kg cous cous

- 8 tins of tuna

- 8 tins of veg

Mash potatoes

So again, 8 meals a month, 16 portions.

- 1 kg of potato flakes

- 16 tins of selected tinned meats i,e tinned steak ( you can make a bake using few cans to last couple of days)

If you dont like potatoe flakes you can substitute it with tinned potatoes so depending on tin size 8/16 tins

So as a very basic list here we go, Please do bare in mind this is a very basic list just to give you an idea on quantities.

1 Month

2kg Pasta

4 tins of tomatoes

4 packs of passata

4 jars of pasta sauce

1kg of rice

1kg cous cous

1kg potato flakes or 8/16 tins of canned potatoe

2kg oats

4Lts UTH Milk

1kg flour ( for 1 loaf per week)

24 tinns of protein ( Mixed of tuna and other proteins of choice)

22 tins of veg

4 tins of kidney beans

15 tins of baked beans

30 tins of soup

1 tub of yeast

Tea and cofee based on consumption

This basic list does not include any snacks or treats but those preps are very personal. Dont forget you can swap and change the rice/pasta ratio, so if you dont like rice just buy extra pasta etc.

Anyways, I can waffle for ages. Hopefully you will find it helpful, atleast a little bit.

Knowing where to start is a key for it not to be daunting or scary, once you have taken your first step you will be on your way to giving your family and yourself a sence of security. Always remember, Prepping is a Journey and not a destination, so Enjoy the Trip and im here to help if you need me . My youtube channel has a lot of videos on Prepping, so please check them out for more helpful information.

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Great bit of info. Stupid little question but have you ever done a video on how to bake bread in a SHTF situation if we had no power or is this possible? This is the one side of things I have not got and I love a bit of bread

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